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l like you as a woman, and artist, you are very talented. so thats cool, your work, here is what I like...Candlelite, Brickwall, Venice dream, Cigarette, Hawian, lavender, diamond, waves of color, vitality, this is what I think works -- Peter S Savas, 1/13/20
-- Peter S Savas, 2/3/20

Susan Anne Russellcheck out Susan's interview!
-- Susan Anne Russell, 5/28/13

Susan Anne RussellCheck out:
-- Susan Anne Russell, 5/28/13

So proud of all your accomplishments
-- Susan Jordan, 12/28/12

I have been a fan of yours for a long time.
-- Mark F Anderson, 9/15/10

Really enjoyed your class and your website. This semester, I was able to accomplish what I wish to do. Something special and enlightening happened after doing the self portrait for your class. I somehow managed to do a self portrait on canvas and 3 other paintings on canvas in less than 8 hrs. That was more than what I have managed to complete in the past 3 years. I have since purchased 6 large canvases, started my own website (under construction) and got some business cards. Thank you for inspiring me! I would like to keep in touch with you after the class and hopefully see more of your work in person in the near future.
-- Falicia Fields, 12/11/09

sometimes beauty can be a cloudless climb...sometimes a gravitanous weight ...dark and sublime
-- Arthur Dolan, 8/26/08